HaMP, Half a Minute Photo

     This is branding & service design project practiced for 2020 Hongik University Industrial Design Degree Show︎︎︎

     HaMP, short for Half a Minute Photo,is a photo booth where you can take a long-exposure self- portraitusing your own nostalgic photos which will project through you.

     You may use photos of a place or time you want to go back to.While HaMPing, i.e., taking pictures inside the HaMP,you will feel nostalgic for 30 seconds of exposure time.
After 30 seconds of HaMPing, receive HaMPee, a visually unexpected delight.

@Hongik University

College of Fine Arts, Hongik University has produced numerous distinguished Korean artists, designers and thus has been ranked as one of the best art colleges. With an enrollment of 2,800 students in 11 departments at present, we have been leading a new cultural and artistic trend through interacting actively with students and artists from all of the world. Our faculty members who graduated from internationally prestigious universities invest their passion to foster promising artists with new and various teaching methodologies.

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