good goods

     15 images are included in this project. These images are established in the form of books and stickers.

     "All images in the daily life goods are from my past travel images. Before start this project, I was tired of digital images flood. I used to use an 35mm film camera when I'm traveling, but after developed and scanned images into digital, I just stacked them alone in my drive It was NOTHING in the digital world. It just existed - No, maybe not existed at all. That's why I decided to make some physical footages, combining photographs and daily items


@Unlimited Edition Seoul 

     Unlimited Edition (‘UE’ for short)︎︎︎ is one of the biggest annual Art Book Fair in Seoul, hosted & organized by YOUR MIND︎︎︎ (a prestigious independant publishing company) and supported by Seoul Museum of Art︎︎︎.

     UE12, the 12th fair was an unprecedentedly online fair because of COVID-19 issue in 2020.

     All works from participants were introduced online, and sold at UE12 collection via Tumblbug︎︎︎, one of a main crowd-funding service platform of South Korea.  

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