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The Pigeon Posts, 2023

 Pigeon Phobia 

 The Pigeon Posts is a selfmade newspaper which is a hommage of The New York Times. In the form of a prestigious newpaper, project Pigeon Phobia is based on personal phobia toward birds ― particularly city pigeons.
By collecting these images·information·texts of pigeons, I tried to overcome phobia and look pigeons aesthetically.

 And all of information about the project is inside of the newspaper.

 e.g. inspiration, process, meaning …

 So I highly recommend you to read this newpaper ︎︎︎HERE  and ︎︎︎︎.

#1 Dividing the Pie
at @00.00.seoul︎︎︎

This project was initially displayed at 00 Space by participating Dividing the Pie, a squat exhibition  in July 2023.

 It was displayed only for 3 days in summer. 10 newpapers were displayed and 2 of 10 were taken away after the exhibition. Actually, it was not allowed to take newpapers but it happened.
It was predictable happening as I didn’t write down any words like Do not Take it.

exhibition posters

at King’s Street Gallery, Montgomerry College, MR, U.S.A.

This project was also displayed at King’s Street Gallery by participating NEWBODIES/NOBODIES, a group exhibition  from March to April, 2024.

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