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I am still looking for my birthday brothers.
So contact me when your birthday is January 27th.

Missing Birthday Brothers Poster, 2022
 Birthday Brothers 

      This project is is a photographic journey to find subjects who have the same birthday as the photographer have. It is a series of collecting their portraits and still lives. Its purpose is to meet a various set of people based on unchangeable personal information and to photograph them in order to forge fraternal connections between the subjects and the photographer. Same birthday is an unique set-up to meet various people and situation. The photographer believes this project maximize the surrealistic point of reality when these photographs are displayed with their titles which give information about their same birthday. These portraits also act as the photographer’s various self-portraits. It is an effort to make the deepest personal images that she can take, to reflect herself through them, and to realize herself. This project not only includes the portraits but also still lives of subjects’ memorable birthday presents that is received in the past, or cakes which the photographer prepared for their coming birthday. These products play a role as a visual bridge between them(portraits) and their birthday(cakes), or them(subjects) and her(photographer), or even pasts(last birthdays) and futures(coming birthdays). The artist believes it is the largest image-world that she could personally imagine and own.

     In the end of this project, there is a plan to invite every ‘birthday brothers’ to a grand birthday party and take a group portrait. The photographer hope this last photograph could suggest a brand new aesthetics to viewers. Through people whose age is exactly 365 days apart, she expect that every ages of her ego are going to be found. Viewers could reminisce the past from younger subjects, and imagine the future from older subjects. After that, it is about equality regardless of not only age but also gender, nationality, etc, as the artist is going to expand this image-world as broad as possible untill she die.

from photographic essay

     I have always been an image collector, since I’ve got a private telephone ― when I was just 9-years-old. I was indiscriminate in collecting pictures on the net to change my lock screen or wall paper put in on the screen. It was the first time that I became to be possessive toward image. To collect unique and unidentified pictures was my only hobby through which I could display my personal taste. I surfed Tumblr or Pinterest and made a collection of pictures all day. When I arrived at puberty, I remember my profile picture was once a toughly photoshop-ed, low-resolution picture of a pink centipede. My adolescent sensitivity used to be consoled by such fragments of superficial image. This is the reason why my body of work looks like ostensibly instant, random, spontaneous, and fancy. However, I never want commercial photographs ultimately. My purpose as a photographer is to give shape to my image-world by incorporating my imagination into reality. Image-world exists in the gap between real world and my own reality. What I see and experience is not reality for other people. I hope to show this personal world through my photographs. This type of surrealism only exists in photography, not in other media, as its surrealistic point paradoxically comes from real world. This is why I called it image- world.

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